Buck Rigger Safety Notice

Buckingham Mfg. Co. has been notified by a contract supplier, that the button assembly on a limited number of Buckingham PN 5007R1 and PN 5007R2 BuckRigger™ 1.5 blocks may not be secure. If the button comes out the side plate can open, allowing the rope to fall out which can result in serious injury or death. It was discovered that a small number of pulleys may not have had adequate thread locker or sealant, allowing the set screw to back out. Under normal circumstances, either the thread lock or sealant is adequate to secure the button and prevent this issue.

The downloadable inspection notice below affects all Buckingham PN 5007R1 and PN 5007R2 BuckRigger™ Blocks manufactured prior to December 2022. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with making the inspection, remove the equipment from service and notify your Supervisor, Safety Director or contact Buckingham immediately at 1-800-937-2825 for clarification. 

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